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Trains of Cuba

Vintage American-style railroading like you never dreamed was still possible.
  • The worlds biggest assortment of operating American-made steam locomotives, from an 1878 Baldwin 0-4-2T to a 1925 Alco-Cooke Mikado.
  • The 1920's Hearshey Electric inter urban line, with some of it's original Brill cars, plus GE steeplecabs for freight.
  • Canadian MLW's on mainline express trains, with General Electric G8's hauling Budd RDC's on branch lines.
  • Locomotive shops performing major rebuilds on both standard and narrow gauge steam.
  • Listed are 63 sugar mills that have 331 steam engines - 225 standard gauge and 76 narrow gauge.
  • Where to find them. How to photograph them. And how to get around

Letters From Cuba

Simple Living with Vintage cars, Old Trains and Friendly People.

A life long passion for riding and photographing old cars and trains led the author and two of his sons to make several journeys through the island of Cuba, North America's least known neighbour, where tremendous changes are taking place. They met and spent time with ordinary Cubans - farmers, sugar mill workers, cowboys and steam railroaders - people whose thoughts and opinions have seldom been heard and whose photos are not often seen.


Route of the Cariboo - BC Rail: Complete Photo History

A comprehensive photo-history of scenic and dramatic British Columbia Railway - formerly the Pacific Great Eastern and now better known as BC Rail - home of the world-famous “Royal Hudson” steam train, long a major holdout for big Alco diesels, operator of a modern, heavy-duty electrified branch. It’s all covered in these 256 pages, with over 250 b&w photos, 64 pages in full color, maps, timetables and other illustrations, plus a wealth of written history and entertaining anecdotes.

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Rails in the Canadian Rockies:

This valuable collection of vintage and historic photographs covers one of the world’s most spectacular regions, the scenic and rugged Canadian Rockies. Follow Canadian Pacific Railway tracks to such notable locations as Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, the Spiral Tunnels, Field, kicking Horse Pass, Lethbridge, Crowsnest pass, Cranbrook and the Columbia - Kootenay Valley.
Quality Photographs by Nicholas Morant, W.C. Whittaker, R.V. Nixon and many others illustrate a century of mountain railroading - the trains, stations, shops and people.
~With 16 pages of Full Colour~

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Narrow Guage Railway Scenes: Canadian, U.S.A. Mexico & Guatemala

Wander with me from the scenes throughout this book, showing narrow gauge station life in rural Guatemala as mixed train meet mainline passenger, to the mountains and valleys of Colorado, through the forests and down the coast of California, then to Pennsylvania and North Carolina coal country, stopping by a couple of Maine two-footers on our way up to Canada’s Newfoundland, over to an Ontario stone Quarry, then west to Alberta and British Columbia for lines that are only memories, plus a famous Shay and some tankers that still run.
There exists an unusually large body of published work about narrow gauge railroading in general, which indicates that many people enjoy such books and articles. There is a lot of support and encouragement among enthusiasts of narrow gauge trans to write down what they know and to print up their pictures. Taking this as a cue, I started about 30 years ago to assemble a little troves of interesting stories and photos on the narrow gauge myself. That’s what helped bring about this volume.

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Railroad Camp

In Tribute to a now-gone place of drama and character in the Northwest woods.
Rare Historical Photographs of the Polson Logging Company - Railroad Camp - Hoquim, Washington and various other companies such as Bloedel Donovan Lumber Mills and Weyerhaeuser Timber Company.
A collection of Stories and Photographs of the lives of crew and shopmen and their families, the duties and history of loved Locomotives, and the lines on which they worked.

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The world of rails holds a nostalgic fascination for millions of Americans who remember a train whistling around the bend with a steam engine leading and a caboose bringing up the rear. Adolf Hungry Wolf, expert on American Indian culture and well-known author of train lore, has had a lifelong love affair with the rails. Here he relates many tales from his encyclopedic knowledge of the railroad and, in particular the caboose. The most beloved of all rail-cars because they were home to the crew, cabooses were surrounded by myth, legend, and sometimes truth far stranger than fiction.
Adolf Hungry Wolf purchased an old caboose to use as his office and transported it many miles over rail and road to his home in British Columbia. That arduous, if scenic, journey is described, and he gives recommendation for how similar caboose can obtained and used by their fans. He also includes suggestions for some scenic and historic train trips in North America that he and his son Okan have discovered over the years.
This fascinating collection of true adventures, folklore, and farewell tribute to the old train caboose is illustrated by stunning photographs, many of them from the author’s own historic collection.

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Canadian Railway Scenes

Please Note: The Canadian Railway Scenes books are out of print. We have a limited number of copies left.

Canadian Railway Scenes No1

This Exciting book compiled by Adolf Hungry Wolf covers:
NewFoundland Narrow Gauge
Crowsnest and Kettle Valley
Montreal Vignette
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Surviving steam in Canada
With an Illustrated Listing.

Canadian Railway Scenes No2

Here is the second installment in our series of “armchair journeys” through Canada by Train. This time we’re celebrating the past 100 years of Canadian Pacific Railway’s transcontinental services by looking at almost 200 scenes taken along its mainline, between Montreal and Vancouver.

Canadian Railway Scenes No3

Canadian railway history was made at the Steam Expo in 1986 as three of the country’s best known steam engines met for the first time and probably the last. In this third volume we will discover and learn the history of the C.P.R. “Last Spike” Centennial as well as the “Trans-Canada Ltd.” to Expo ‘86 aboard a restored Luxury Train, Plus... Vintage scenes of CN and CP.

Canadian Railway Scenes No4

‘The Canadian”
1952 Caboose Ride Thought the Rockies.
Canadian Caboose a Farewell Tribute.
CN at night - 1950
Final Steam rebuild at CN Stratford.
Great Canadian Steam Excursion

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